Picture Perfect Valentine’s Gift

In my opinion, the guy has it kind of easy come Valentine’s Day. He can buy flowers, candy and stuffed animals for his lady love. But, it doesn’t have the same effect if the girl buys flowers, candy and stuffed animals for him… and it can be hard to come up with the right, sweet and thoughtful gift. So, let me share with you a fun idea that I’ve tried and he’s liked – a Picture Puzzle Valentine.

White Pass, Valentine's Gift, Picture, Puzzle

I made his puzzle out of a picture of us having a fun day at White Pass.

Full Disclosure: this one is only partially DIY. But, it’s awesome enough to make the cut, since it makes a thoughtful, inexpensive gift for your significant other come Valentine’s Day! Here’s the easy how to:

1) Find a cute (digital) picture of you two. If photo editing is your thing, personalize it by doctoring it up a bit .

2) There are several sites that will make this picture into a puzzle. Jigsaw Puzzle is an inexpensive one that gives you lots of options. I recommend one with fewer pieces (30 – 50) so that it’s easier to do the next step. There is also Wal-Mart Photos, but they don’t offer as much selection.

Puzzle Picture

Be sure to give a visual of the finished puzzle to make it easier to complete!

3) When the puzzle arrives you’ll want to have it assembled, minus one piece (you’ll see why soon). Next, you’ll need to flip it over to write on the back. The best way to do this is to assemble it on a piece of cardboard. When finished, put another piece of cardboard on top. Squeeze together, like a puzzle sandwich and flip over.

4) Now it’s ready to have your Valentine written on the back! I recommend using a fine point Sharpie. And, remember that piece of the puzzle you removed? Keep that piece, so his puzzle is one short from completion. Then, write how you have found your missing piece & that he needs you to complete his puzzle, too.

5) Break the puzzle back into pieces; he’ll need to reassemble it to read your Valentine.

You can even go a step beyond what I did, and dress up a mason jar to use as a cute container for his Picture Puzzle Valentine. Have fun!


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