Bringing New Life to Old Chairs

I like my dining set, but the chairs could use a little help… the striped cream fabric was getting a bit grungy and boring. So, my husband and I set out to Joann’s to get some fabric to recover our chairs. We google searched to find a 40% off coupon and for less than $20 bucks, we scored more than enough fabric to cover all four chair cushions. Since we don’t have a staple gun we sent out a Facebook status blast and it didn’t take long before we had one to borrow. Thank you to the Hollady’s for hooking us up!

Recovering chair cushions is super easy! It takes four things: fabric, scissors, a staple gun and likely a screwdriver (drills are great too). Check out these shots from before, during and after our dining room makeover.

This is one of the old chair cushions that’s a bit dirty and

Here’s me unscrewing the cushion from the chair. Having a drill for this bit was handy. Recovering Chairs, DIY, Fresh Fabric

Now, it’s out with the old fabric, and in with the new!Recovering Chairs, DIY, Fresh Fabric

No precise measurements were needed, I just left myself room when cutting around the cushion.IMG_0792

This is the ugly bottom of the cushion after we securely stapled the fabric to the chair. To clean it up a bit, we cut off some of the excess material. IMG_0793

 After compared to before. Such improvement!IMG_0795

The whole set came together nicely and has a more updated feel. (That’s our cat Sheeran under there.)IMG_0798

Here’s a close up of the results.IMG_0805

And finally, the whole thing from the top down. Recovering Chairs, DIY, Fresh Fabric

Both our kitties, Sheeran and Fiest, decided to be in this last photo. After all, they helped bring about the demise of the old cushions and helped chase the new fabric around while we made these ones.


Cute Clothespin Magnets


I typically face the dilemma of too many things to hang on the fridge and not enough magnets. So, I found a solution: clothes pins + nail polish + magnet = nice way to display pictures and invites!

This is what you’ll need:

  • Masking Tape or Painter’s Tape
  • Wooden Clothes PinsIMG_0746
  • Scissors
  • Nail PolishIMG_0748
  • Magnets with an Adhesive Back (small works best, but you can cut larger ones to size).
  • Craft Glue (optional – use if your magnets aren’t adhesive)  Clothespin, Magnets, Nail Polish Crafts

Here’s what to do:

  1. Cut the tape into strips or chevron patterns and adhere firmly to a clothes pin. Keep in mind, that the tape strips you  cut can be used again for your next clothsepin magnet (this will save you time cutting things out). IMG_8838
  2. Using your nail polish, paint around the tape.IMG_8840
  3. Let them dry for at least twenty minutes before removing the tape. It was hard for me to be this patient, but my patience was rewarded with straighter lines.
  4. Cut your magnet pieces to size and stick/glue them to the back of your painted pins.IMG_0768
  5. It’s ready to be on the fridge holding pictures of family or your next wedding invite!Fridge Magnets, DIY, Nail Polish as paint, Easy Crafts